Gaming, E-Commerce and Web Portals companies have one major thing in common. They are all dependent on using network, web, mobile and client–server applications to run their businesses. With new applications being constantly added, the biggest security challenge is to understand how vulnerabilities within these applications could be used to damage your business and your brand.

Studies by PT have shown that up to 90% of web applications contain medium- to high-risk security flaws. In fact, the same research found vulnerabilities of some kind in every single application tested.

Furthermore rapid growth of client–server applications developed for mobile platforms is transforming the way businesses and their customers interact with one another. But as the development of these applications is typically driven by functionality, user-friendly design, and corporate branding, security is often overlooked. Even when security is considered, a mobile application is still likely to contain vulnerabilities—and every update creates the opportunity for new vulnerabilities to be introduced.

Even worse, vulnerabilities in web apps are typically much easier to locate and exploit. So it’s little wonder that websites are now the entry point of choice for hackers and cyberthieves. Mistakes or omissions made in the course of developing and deploying applications can enable attackers to copy or modify information in corporate databases, carry out fraud ("phishing" and "pharming"), penetrate a company’s internal network, and much more.

So what can be done for these organizations to improve their application security?


Advanced Web Application Protection

The Application Firewall is a smart protection solution based on advanced technologies and ongoing global research. It provides proactive and continuous protection for your internet-accessible applications against both known and unknown attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, automated and client-side attacks, and zero-days.

Main Features:

  • True machine learning against zero-days
  • Smart correlation to accurately detect major threats
  • Real-time protection with virtual patch
  • Continuous automated user profiling against L7 DDoS and automated attacks

Main Benefits:

  • Real-time protection
  • Business Continuity with Virtual Patch
  • Higher productivity
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Simplified compliance
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Web Application Inspection

The Web Application Security Tests involve detailed analysis of an application’s design, networking, operating system settings, external data sources, data warehousing, authorization mechanisms, and authentication components. We can perform an analysis from the perspective of an outside intruder ("black box") and by analyzing the source code itself ("white box"). And if you've already fallen victim to a web attack, or have detected any anomalies in your applications, we can provide incident response services to verify the problem. In all cases, our experts will provide detailed recommendations for fixing the flaws they find.


  • Test methodology
  • Explanations for all identified vulnerabilities
  • Likely success/impact of hacker exploitation of the most critical vulnerabilities identified
  • Recommendations to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities, including those which may have already led to a confirmed incident

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Mobile Application Inspection

Mobile application security tests are conducted by the experts that provide you with an independent assessment of the level of security of your mobile applications. Our experts have extensive experience in mobile application security and a track record of over a decade in protecting networks of leading banks, global telecommunications providers, and industrial conglomerates.


  • A full list of vulnerabilities found (or evidence showing their absence)
  • Sample code demonstrating how identified vulnerabilities could be exploited
  • Recommendations on neutralizing identified vulnerabilities and reducing exposure
  • Advice on configuration and equipment settings to improve security
  • Suggestions on critical software updates and additional security measures

We are currently offering a FREE ONE-TIME SCAN.

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