Foreign Clients

What does PIPELINE offer?
We are a value-added distributor of ICT products and solutions in Japan. We manage reseller networks and offer several additional services like technical end-user support, onsite support, conducting PoC’s, UI localizations etc.
What does PIPELINE mean?
PIPELINE has the symbolic meaning of being the “pipeline” for foreign businesses to enter Japan.
What kinds of companies do you work with?
Our focus is B2B. We work with large-scale enterprises, banks and government agencies on a daily basis.
What are the benefits in working with PIPELINE?
Working with us will allow your product to gain fast traction in the market. Furthermore you will be able to leverage our direct, reseller and OEM channels to give your technology the maximum level of exposure. At last but not least we offer a wide range of services that will take care of all your needs and requirements.
How can we get started?
We offer two types of programs. Distributor and Business Development Program. The distributor program is the full package of appointing and managing resellers. Whereas the business development program is a short-term (6 month) program that aims to evangelize, generate leads and provide the right feedback to your team.