How We Work

Our Reseller program is aimed at value added resellers, system integrators and technology partners whishing to complement their product portfolio with security solutions. We offer flexible programs to match your business model and give you all the support that you need to successfully integrate products and solutions from our portfolio. Furthermore, we are open to hear about your requirements and customize our programs to help you respond to customer needs.

For our Japanese partners PIPELINE offers two programs:

  • Reseller Program
  • OEM Program


Add Value

Our product and solution portfolio comprises leading technologies that will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and add value to your current technologies with technological integrations and white labeling.

Technical Know-How

Our engineering team will assist you with installations, setups, maintenances, PoC’s and more in order to make sure that your teams understand the technical granularities.


All our support, services and most of our products and solutions are provided in Japanese to improve communication and user experience.


Our partner-program activities are build around your needs. Whether it is providing local end-user support, conducting PoC’s or seminars, we will provide the flexibility that you need to build a successful growth strategy.

Product & Solution Portfolio

PIPELINE offers a wide portfolio in the space of cyber security that can be deployed as stand alone or layered over existing technology across many use cases.

Zen/DBL (IP/Domain Reputation by mxtools)

mxtools offers several DNSBL’s (domain name system based list) that rejects a very large amount of spam and virus mail with very low "false positive" rejections of legitimate mail. For more information learn here.

Vade Secure

Vade Secure is the global leader in anti-phishing software, offering a full set of security features against phishing, malware and spam. The company is entrusted to protect 300M mailboxes worldwide. This breadth of deployment has given Vade Secure unique insights into the nature of malicious emails. For more information learn here.

Metadefender Core (OPSWAT)

Metadefender Email Security adds a stronger layer of protection to your existing secure email gateways against known and unknown threats with multi-antimalware-scanning, data sanitization, heuristic analysis, and other powerful technologies.For more information learn here.

Metadefender Core (OPSWAT)

Metadefender Core integrates withapplication delivery controllers, web gateways, forward and reverse proxies, and next-generation firewalls to protect the networks from known and Zero-day threats such as application installer vulnerabilities, document-based malware, and web-based exploit kits. For more information learn here.


Store, protect, process, and serve data with a single solution, that can run on any hardware. OpenIO provides unlimited capacity, unmatched scalability and high performance for high-demanding applications, with simplified deployment and management. For more information learn here.

Metadefender Client (OPSWAT)

Metadefender Client is a tool that thoroughly scans endpoints for malware and vulnerabilities using more than 40 anti-malware engines and a Vulnerability Engine. For more information learn here.

JOE Security Sanbox

Joe Security a Swiss company - specialized in the development of automated malware analysis systems for malware detection and forensics. Based on the deep malware analysis, Joe Security has developed unique and patent-pending technologies to analyze advanced malware even if the malware tries to evade analysis. For more information learn here.


InQuest offers an on-premise network-based security solution that inspects application content over the most commonly used network protocols and performs Deep File Inspection (DFI) capable of detecting malware as it passes through your traditional security defenses. For more information learn here.