How We Work

Are you looking for a partner in Japan that can distribute your product? Or are you trying to set foot into the Japanese market without overcommitting and need someone to evangelize and develop the market for you?

At PIPELINE, we provide partner-programs that offer clear added-value to our customers overseas with technical and sales related services. We create this value by partnering with likeminded local organizations that are equally dedicated to hearing what customers say and driven by success. We put a lot of importance of building and nurturing strong relationships with dedicated integrators and resellers, as well as on forming partnerships with othertechnology leaders to give your product the maximum level of exposure.

For our overseas partners PIPELINE offers two programs:

  1. Distributor Program
  2. Business Development Program


Growth Enablement

Our partnership program is designed to help your business provide the right traction in the market leveraging Direct Sales, Reseller and OEM Channels in order to achieve the maximum impact for your technology.

Strong Network

Working with us will give you access to a wide network of Enterprises, Banks and Government agenciesto give your product a strong footprint in the market.


Our partner-program activities are build around your needs. Whether it is providing local end-user support, conducting PoC’s or localization, we will provide the flexibility that you need to build a successful growth strategy.

No Commitment

You don’t know how Japanese clients will respond to your technology and don’t want to overcommit? PIPELINE can offer you a short-term program in which we approach potential clients and provide you the feedback that you need to make the right decisions.