Allan Watanabe

Managing Director

Experienced founder and manager in the fields of cyber security and storage software.

I'm a passionate technologist and evangelist with the mission to help people succeed and accelerate their business in Japan. For that reason I built PIPELINE. We are dedicated Team who strive to help growing ICT companies to find the right traction in the Japanese market.

I`m a strong believer in "Your Success is My Success.” This fundamental belief in helping others is the main driver in my relationships with businesses, customers, family, and loved ones.

If there is any way I can positively affect your business then I`m more than happy to get involved. If I can`t provide any value, I may know others that may be able to assist you.

Let`s get in touch! I love making new professional acquaintances so please reach out if you would like to talk about big ideas, business, or technology.